Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Favorite Meal

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day.

Serving it up, Shannon's way!

Wake up, sunshine! Breakfast is gives us energy to kick-start our day. Eating a good-sized, healthy breakfast boosts our metabolism and keeps us from getting too hungry later. It also keeps our minds awake and attentive and improves our mood. A yummy, nutritious breakfast makes a healthy, happy teen (or anyone, for that matter)!
Because it's summertime and I barely ever run anymore due to the excessive heat, breakfast is usually my carb-&-sugar pre-workout meal--the energy for my swimming (or sometimes jumprope) workout. I usually have some combination of fruit and whole grain.

And one of my favorite breakfasts? Why, oatmeal of course! Oatmeal is full of healthy grains and carbohydrates and is great for your heart! It also has fiber and a fair amount of protein, so it's a perfect way to start your day. And there are so many different ways you can shake up your oats! OATMEAL CAN BE SO MUCH MORE THAN A BOWL OF GOOP! Use any fruit or combination of fruits (fresh and/or dried); use different, new, and interesting extracts and flavorings; play around with spices; add your favorite nut-butter; throw in some cacao nibs or chocolate chips or WHATEVER. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!! ;-)

This morning I went with a classic: banana oatmeal.

My favorite oatmeal method is overnight and raw, especially during the summer when I like my oatmeal nice n' cold. (Have you ever tried cold oatmeal like this? I lovelovelove it.) So last night I mixed all my ingredients together and popped the bowl, covered, in the refrigerator. I use CCK's voluminous oatmeal trick to get extra-plumped oatmeal, 'cause that's how I prefer my oatmeal--like Snooki likes her hair: the bigger the better. ;-)
(Hairstyle and facial expression)

In the morning, when I was all right-n'-ready to enjoy my lucious, pumped-up banana oatmeal, I just grabbed it from the fridge, gave it a stir, sprinkled a few cacao nibs and a skosh of extra cinnamon on top, and Shannabananafeefifofannah! delectable banana oatmeal for me to luxuriate in. Simple, wholesome goodness. <3

 I very much enjoyed it.


So what's your morning like usually? Do you eat breakfast? If so, what are they like--do you have larger breakfasts or small ones, maybe for on the go? What's your favorite breakfast?

I can't wait to read your responses! :-)

For me, it's hard to say, but I might have to go with Mocha-Banana Soft-Serve. (Although, of course, I'd eat it with something else too, since I'm so big on breakfasts! And I couldn't have it too often; I love variety way too much.) Espresso and banana just go so good together (actually, a lot of things go good with banana!), and I am just absolutely head-over-heels for that creamy, dreamy soft-serve that the frozen banana works for so well. Mmmm. <3

My blog has been inching along since I started it, a few days ago. It's still pretty small and needs a lot of construction and organization and, of course, time, but I'm hoping it'll grow so that I have it running well and get lots of feedback and connection. If you're reading this, thanks bunches for helping me! Just by visiting my blog you're improving it. ;-)

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