Sunday, July 31, 2011

Testing Out My New Magic Bullet


Several days ago--Tuesday morning--I finally recieved the package: the Magic Bullet twenty-five piece set that I ordered on Ebay (sorry I haven't been doing posts regularly, but I'm still working on starting up this blog--more on how my posts will be in a future post about that). Of course, I was so excited that I immediately tore open the box and, as quickly as I possibly could, removed all the pieces and parts from their annoying individual packaging (Way to NOT be eco-friendly, stupid big company, using WAY more plastic and cardboard than needed.) and set it all up on the countertop. The set came with several cups with attachable lids, half of them half-sized glasses and half of them regular-sized, a very small cup-sized top, a two-cup top, a small(ish) blender top, and an extra blade for whipping.
Right away, I got to testing my new Bullet (without even glancing at the instruction booklet, of course). And what better way to test it than with a delicious, creamy green-mocha banana breakfast soft-serve? I snatched a frozen, chunked banana from the freezer and grabbed some chilled almond milk, frozen spinach, espresso powder (love that stuff!), vanilla extract, and cinnamon. In the Bullet it went; I used one of the regular glass-sized attachments, which looked like the perfect size. It took me a minute to realize that I had to first put the ingredients in the cup, then screw the blade on nice and tight, and then screw it on the base (yes, I'm a little slow; but what can you expect? I am, after all, a blonde ;-) ). Then--in great, wide-eyed anticipation--I pushed down on the cup, locking it into place. With a noisy whir, the blade fired up. I gave it a moment to start working.

Agonizing disappointment as I realized that it wasn't going much of anywhere and that the contents weren't really getting blended, even though it sounded like the blade was spinning furiously. Horrified, I let the blender stop and took it out and stirred it. I desperately, desperately wanted it to work like I dreamed it would. But no matter how much I shook and stirred the ingredients, the silly blender just couldn't do the job and I ended up having to add a lot more almond milk before the frustrating thing would blend it up. My shake was warmer and thinner than usual that morning.
I was extremely crestfallen.

See that, on my face? That's disappointment right there. (Oh, and the little red dots. That's facial blemishes and stuff. Ignore those, if possible (-; ).

The Magic Bullet definitely doesn't live up to its hype. I suppose it works alright for very easy, thin liquids, but the motor just isn't very strong and it just isn't heavy-duty enough; definitely not an adequate replacement for a food processor. The biggest problem I have with the Bullet is that the food just sits around the blade; it just spins without actually blending and incorporating the food, which just immediately ends up on the sides of the bottom of the blender, away from the blade. It's annoying that you have to keep scooping everything back onto the blade every five seconds. I am NOT satisfied with my product. "Blends anything in just ten seconds" my butt. I'm much too lazy to return the box, though. Heh.

I'm going with a good ol' mini food processor (as soon as I can get some money for it, after I spent a whopping $60 on that good-for-nothing Magic Bullet), probably the same Cuisinart that I had in the first place--and it was much cheaper to buy than the Bullet anyway (at least half the price, I think)! It just goes to show you that some products are just over-glorified, while simple things can be very good-quality.

A piece of kitchen equipment that I DO like is the Ninja blender. Even though it's too big to function well for most of my stuff, because I only really make single-servings, it works excellent: it does ice (say, like, for delicious "soft-serves" and "voluminous ice-cream;" I'm currently using it for them in the mornings, and it does a great job at making it really creamy (-; ) like a pro and processes pretty much anything effortlessly. And you can get it at Walmart for a mere eighty dollars (or something to that effect). I just wish they had a mini-Ninja! That would be perfect for me.


If you own the Magic Bullet, Cusinart Processor, or Ninja, how does it work for you?
What's your favorite piece of kitchen equipment? Do you have one?

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