Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Very First Post

Hello. ( : My name is Shannon, and this is my blog: Food, Spice, and Everything Life.

This post is dedicated to introducting myself and my blog and what we're all about.
I'm new to the whole blogging thing, so bear with me for awhile. I still have to get used to working everything and learn how to do this. I'll try my best. ; )
So, first order of business. Who I am, why I created this blog, and what it's going to be all about. (This post includes, essentially, what will be going on my Me & My Philosophy page, but I felt I should also post it as my introductory post.)

Beginning with the basics. I often find it difficult to dissect myself, but I can at least attempt to give a rough sketch, a sort of a blurry picture of who I am. I'll try not to trail off too much; details will eventually come out in the blog, of course.
I'm a fifteen-year-old pesca-vegan (more on that below) living in a barely-existant small town in Southwest Florida. Yes, I hail from the "Sunshine State," where the sun always shines... except for during the rainy season. Florida has its perks, like the beautiful waters (especially the Keys, which are absolutely amazing, by the way), but it's also where everyone comes to retire--hence the large elderly population (especially around where I am). I'm also not a huge fan of the hot, humid weather we experience ten months of the year; here, we have one really long, moist summer, about a month of fall-like weather, and a few weeks of "spring." My favorite season is our so-called "winter." I would love to live somewhere where the seasons actually change. I'm thinking California or New York, or maybe Massachusetts. I can't wait to get out and travel; I've always dreamed of traveling all over--not just the States of course, but to other countries. I'll come back and visit good ol' Florida sometimes, though, for the water and the breathtakingly open sky, and the memories that they carry with it.

On to the subject of food philosophy (one of my favorite topics)--this is, after all, a foodie blog. ;-)
I've always been at least a fairly healthy eater; my family has always been a home-cooked-meal kind of family--not too much take out. We aren't the typical mac & cheese, hot dogs, frozen dinners sort of bunch. Growing up, I always enjoyed home-cooked meals, with more flavor and spice than the average American puts into their meal. I owe this to my dad, who happens to be a better cook than most--not a five-star chef or anything, but he does make a pretty mean chili. We try to keep our food at least fairly fresh and interesting, and love to make different kinds of international cuisine. Dad and I, especially, like our food with a lot of spice and flavor.
Over time, as I got older, I became more health-concious and more active in the kitchen. As a little girl, I helped my parents prepare meals in the kitchen and picked up the basics. Over time, I began cooking meals for my little sisters when I had to babysit them at home, and occasionally making dinner for the family, especially when my parents were late from work or didn't have time. Gradually, I got to be more and more independent in the kitchen. And as that happened, I payed more and more attention to the food itself--what was in it, and what I was putting into my body. The more I thought about it, the more concious of it I became. I developed a love for flavorful, fresh, interesting, and healthy food. Now, my philosophy is only wholesome, all-natural foods. My dad and I even have a nice little home garden in the backyard, with lots of veggies and spices and things of the sort. I lovelovelove our garden. Fresh produce and spices are SO much more delicious than grocery-bought! <33 (More on the garden in future posts.) A few months ago, I became a vegetarian, and then slipped into full-on vegan (which wasn't much more of a stretch, as I never liked or ate dairy or eggs much, anyway). Except I'm not actually a true vegetarian or vegan, due to the fact that I still eat fish. Sorry, but I just couldn't give up the fish. Fresh fish is SO good, and good for you, too, because of its high-protein and super-healthy fats. I still make sure my family only buys wild fish from our local markets, though, when we do occasionally get it. Anyway, along with being a "pesca-vegan," I like my eats as natural and whole as can be (the closer I am to nature, the better), with no refined sugars (and, like one of my all-time favorite bloggers ChocolateCoveredKatie, my sweet tooth is pretty much non-existant; I almost always use fruit only to sweeten up my food) and little-to-no oil (when I DO use oil, which is rare, it's kinds like coconut, sunflower seed, etc.). I'm not neurotic about having my food be "fat-free," because I know that healthy fats, like those from nuts, seeds, and other whole foods, are good and vital to our bodies. (I will occasionally, however, include "reduced fat" or "fat-free" versions of recipes for those who want less.) I'm all about healthy, delicious eats.

And so that brings us to what this blog is all about. It IS a healthy-foodie blog. I delight in playing with my food--being creative, trying new things, and experimenting. I want to use this blog to have even more fun with my kitchen antics! I'm going to practice my culinary skills (both the actual making of the food and the presentation and photography), and this will be sort of my chef diary. Actually, when I'm older, I'm definitely thinking about a career in the food industry--whether it be as an expert chef, a journalist, a restaurant owner, or all of the above. And this blog is also to share ideas back and forth with others. I'm thinking of this as a sort of an online journal, but one connected with the rest of the world and others who have some of the same loves and interests that I do (basically what a blog IS, in its essence). So I'm looking foreward to getting lots of feedback. :-) But, although this blog will mainly be centered on healthy, yummy, and fun vegan food and cooking, it'll also include pieces of me and my journey through life. That's why I decided on the name Food, Spice, and Everything Life. Because that's what my blog is made of!  ;-)

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