Monday, July 31, 2000

Snack & Treat Recipes

I snack constantly! And I love having all these delicious, vegan snacks to munch on! Many of these recipes can be made before-hand and wrapped up for convenient, on-the-go snacks. A lot of them can double as dessert recipes, too.

*The recipes in unformatted font are soon-to-come recipes.

Raw "Balls, Bars, & Bites":

Raw Gingerbread Men

Figgy-Walnut Bars

Raw Thin-Mint "Brownies"

Cacao-Goji Bites

Lemon-Poppy Bites

Raw "Reese's" Bites

Freezer Goodies:

Cereal-Banana Bites

Banana Pops

Oatie Balls (raw)

Baked Snacks:

CCK's Chickpea Poppers

Baked Goods--Cookies & Bars:

Pumpkin-Quinoa Bars

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