Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Basic "Soft-Serve"/"Shake" Recipe

I originally got this idea from my favorite blogger, Chocolate Covered Katie. She's discovered that frozen bananas make the PERFECT vegan soft-serves and shakes--so simple, yet so brilliant. When you blend up the bananas they have a deliciously creamy consistency (and, of course, they taste divine!). Add chilled almond or other non-dairy milk and BAM. Instant, yummilicious soft-serve or shake. And the flavor possibilities are endless; I've included several of my favorite variations in my recipes (see Soft-Serve & Shake Recipes) and I'm still experimenting and coming up with new ones. Feel free to experiment or tweak around yourself! (And I'd love to hear your ideas! :-))

For a thicker, more soft-serve-like consistency, use less milk; for a shake, just use more.
Here's the basic recipe:

Basic "Soft-Serve"/"Shake" Recipe:
(serves one)
  • one banana, peeled, cut into small chunks, and frozen (make sure it's frozen completely--I put the banana in the night before or even earlier)
  • 2 tablespoons to 3/4 cup non-dairy milk of choice; the lesser extreme is closest to ice-cream, and the other makes a milkshake
  • 1-3 teaspoons extract(s) of choice (like vanilla, almond, peppermint, coconut, etc.)
  • 1-5 teaspoons spice(s) of choice
  • other add-ins, like extra frozen or dried fruit, cacao nibs, seeds/nuts, or frozen spinach, kale, or other veggies

At least twenty minutes beforehand, mix the extract(s) and spice(s) into the milk. Leave in the freezer to chill until you take it out to use. Process the banana, milk mixture, and any add-ins* in a food processor or Vita-mix (oh, Vita-mix, you will someday be mine! <3)** until the soft-serve or shake is smooth and creamy, with no lumps. Serve immediately or place in the freezer to harden up a little before serving. Enjoy the dreamy (but absolutely healthy and vegan) deliciousness!

*Some add-ins may be better added later than the banana and milk, so that they aren't too obliterated while the banana gets a chance to get well-blended; this will be included in the directions for those specific recipes.

**I only recommend using blenders when making more than one serving. Since most inexpensive blenders don't work well enough with such small amounts, food processors tend to work better.

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